Why are they better?

Quality - Durability - Safety

A Suzuki experience provided by your vehicle in top form is crucial to us and therefore our engineers apply special quality requirements when designing our parts, too. If it is important to you to preserve the factory quality of your Suzuki then look for the SGP sign to ensure that your vehicle preserves its value and remains 100% Suzuki.


  • Suzuki strictly inspects each component.
  • The same components are also used in the manufacture of new Suzuki models.
  • They provide the longest life and best performance.
  • They are available in every official Suzuki brand service station.
More about the Suzuki Quality Requirements

Periodic Maintenance

Why is it important?

  • Wearing components need to be replaced from time to time.
  • Oils and lubricants lose efficiency.
  • Safety is a key to comfort and optimum performance.
  • You may avoid problems and high assembly costs in the long run.
  • Only Suzuki knows what a Suzuki needs.

Do not hesitate to contact our official Suzuki brand service stations. Our experts are happy to assess the condition of your vehicle at any time and will offer you the most advantageous solutions.

Main Components

Under the sign of quality and reliability

SGP Oil filter

  • Latest filtering technology
  • Appropriate size filtering surface
  • Guaranteed leakage free operation
  • Absolutely pure lubricant
  • Prevents damage to the engine.
  • Improves fuel consumption.
  • Boosts the vehicle’s lifespan.
  • Abnormal noise can be heard.
  • Oil level may drop.
  • Engine component wear may be intensified.
  • Your engine can suffer lasting damage.

    The oil filter eliminates contamination from the engine oil and facilitates the smooth operation of moving parts. When the oil filter is worn out or is of inadequate quality, the moving parts wear out faster, which will also ruin the engine unnoticeably.


    The efficiency of the oil filter gradually reduces due to contamination but it may be prevented with regular checks. To replace your oil filter, visit a Suzuki brand service station.

Function and operation

The engine oil filter collects all contamination from the engine, e.g. metal particles and soot from the combustion process.

SGP air filter

  • Filters out fine particles
  • Facilitates ideal consumption
  • Almost 100% efficiency
  • Especially great filtering capacity
  • Maximum engine performance
  • Favorable fuel consumption
  • No detrimental effects on other parts of the engine.
  • Reduced engine performance.
  • Deteriorating fuel consumption.
  • Possible damage to other parts of the engine.

    The air filter continuously filters the air flowing into the engine, and keeps any dirty or contaminated air away from the engine. Compared to aftermarket components, an original component guarantees ideal fuel consumption and maximum performance, and prevents early wear and tear.


    Cleaning is not enough; contamination still remains on the filter paper. For a replacement, visit a Suzuki brand service station.

Function and operation

The engine produces energy through the combustion of a mixture of fuel and compressed air in the cylinders. The air filter removes dust and other impurities from the intake air from the outside environment. Without the air filter, all sources of contamination end up in the engine, causing damage and major malfunctions. In order to provide the engine with an ample flow of clean air, the air filter must be regularly replaced.

SGP pollen filter

  • Great filtering capacity
  • Filtering surface optimized for your vehicle
  • Protection for passengers
  • Long life
  • Uninhibited airflow
  • Effective air conditioning
  • Defogs the windshield faster.
  • Insufficient airflow
  • Low air conditioning efficiency
  • Defogging the windshield takes longer.

    An original Suzuki pollen filter eliminates almost 100% of the pollens and prevents their flow into the passenger compartment. By using a pollen filter, you protect your and your family members’ health from bacteria.


    Regular checks are required in order to achieve adequate protection capability. For a replacement, visit a Suzuki brand service station.

What is the air conditioning filter for?

The filter provides a flow of clean air in the passenger compartment of the car, improving travel comfort. The filter accumulates dust, pollen, sand particles, etc. and cleans the cabin air. Its active carbon content eliminates unpleasant odors of tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes, etc.

SGP brake pads

  • Its thick wearing layer guarantees a longer life
  • Quality raw material composition
  • A brake powder drain channel for even breaking effect
  • Maximum safety
  • Maximum braking effect
  • Appropriate stopping distance
  • No ongoing, abnormal noise when braking
  • Frequent, abnormal screeching sound when braking
  • Reduced brake fluid level (braking system warning light displayed)
  • Weakening braking effect
  • Increased stopping distance
  • Brake rotor damage

    Brake pads have a very important role in the operation of a car. Their good quality is indispensable for safe driving. With inadequate quality, aftermarket or worn brake pads the braking effect is reduced, which can cost lives!


    The screeching and crunching noise that occurs when the brake pedal is pressed may also be caused by environmental factors, such as cold or moisture. However, if the screeching noise is loud and it always occurs when the brakes are pressed, have your vehicle checked immediately by the staff of a Suzuki brand service station

Function and operation

When the driver brakes, the brake pads clamp onto the brake rotor, which results in friction. The friction between the brake pads and rotor produces thermal energy, which reduces speed and stops the car.

SGP timing belt

  • Dimensional accuracy guarantees operational safety
  • Smooth, safe operation
  • Provides maximum adhesion
  • Reliability
  • No abnormal noise
  • Seamless function of components connected to the engine
  • Abnormal, squealing noise from the engine
  • Malfunction of components connected to the engine

    The timing belt is responsible for the regular alternation of the sucking, compressing, ignition and emission phases that are required for the even operation of the engine and therefore the exact setting of the tightness of the timing belt and preserving its condition are crucial.


    A faulty timing belt may damage your engine and cause high repair costs and therefore checking and replacing it are indispensable. Visit a Suzuki brand service station when necessary.

Function and operation

The timing belt is a rubber-based component that is connected to the engine. The various belts utilize the driving force of the engine to drive the alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, and power steering pump. If the belt is loosened - or even broken - due to wear, the driving force of the engine is not forwarded to the devices in question, leading to malfunction. For example, if the engine’s driving force doesn't reach the water pump, the coolant will not be circulated to cool the engine, and overheating will result. If the driving force doesn't reach the power steering, it may suddenly malfunction. If the driving force doesn't reach the alternator, it won’t charge the battery and the engine may shut off while driving.

SGP windscreen wiper

  • Perfect fit
  • Jump-free operation
  • Graphite coating
  • Smooth cleaning and undisturbed view
  • Appropriate cleaning
  • Undisturbed view
  • Wipers leave streaks
  • Uneven cleaning
  • Blurred spots
  • Smudging
  • Clattering noise

    The windscreen wipers will give you a clear view in various weather conditions. A good quality windscreen wiper guarantees a good view, which is key to safe driving.


    If your windscreen wiper leaves a line, leaves a fuzzy surface or makes a noise, have it replaced in a Suzuki brand service station.

Function and operation

On rainy days, the windshield wipers remove water drops and debris from the windshield, playing a vital role in providing an undisturbed view. Damaged or worn out windshield wipers cannot properly clean the windshield, making driving particularly dangerous. Make sure to regularly replace your windshield wipers to guarantee an undisturbed view.

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